Below are the your initial tasks that need to be completed in order to schedule your 60 minute HubSpot/Dynamics Integration Logic call.

Provide HubSpot Access

  • To add us to HubSpot, go to Settings > Users > add as a Super Administrator 

Provide Dynamics Access

  • Create aDynamics user account for the integration
  • We recommend creating a CRM user that is solely dedicated to the integration
  • The Dynamics user will need to have an Admin role

Install the CRM Solution Package

  • Download the CRM solution package
  • Before installing the solution package in your production CRM, we recommend creating a backup of your CRM. 
  • We also recommend having your CRM Admin test the solution in a sandbox environment first, as it can sometimes cause conflicts with your current CRM environment or your extremely custom environment.
  • Here are instructions on how to install the CRM solution package 
  • Once the package is installed, you should see custom fields installed with a scribe_ prefix, as well as a HubSpot section added to the default Lead and Contact forms.
  • Here's what you can expect to see once the solution pack has been installed.

**Note to MS Dynamics 2011 Users: If you are on MS Dynamics 2011 you will need to install this CRM solution package. You will also need to add a "HubSpot ID" field (internal value: new_hs_id) in CRM to the leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities entities.

If you are unable to complete all tasks above yourself, we highly recommend sending this article to your CRM Admin or IT Team who can assist you in completing these tasks.