Below are the your initial tasks that need to be completed in order to schedule your 60 minute HubSpot/NetSuite Integration Logic call.

Provide HubSpot Access

  • To add us to HubSpot, go to Settings > Users > add as a Super Administrator 

Provide NetSuite Access

  • Create a NetSuite user account solely for the integration. Use hubspot+"company name" for the username. Note: As shown in the example, the + sign will need to be present in the NetSuite username. For example: 

  • Our NetSuite user will need an Admin role with 'web services' and 'web services setup' permissions.

  • If you cannot provide our NetSuite user with an Admin role (which is preferred), you can create a custom role for our user.

Install the HubSpot Bundle in NetSuite

  • Instructions on how to install the bundle can be found here. What you can expect to see once the bundle is installed can be found here

If you are unable to complete all tasks above yourself, we highly recommend sending this article to your NetSuite Admin or IT Team who can assist you in completing these tasks.